REVELL MODEL CARS Custom built 1941 Plymouth Coupe

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"Tips and Tricks for Building Show Quality Model Cars with Donn Yost" (Preview of Instructional DVD)
This is a ten minute preview of Donn Yost's new two disc instructional DVD gift set, "Tips and Tricks for Building Show Quality Model Cars." You can order the DVD at If you have a question for Donn, please visit his websites, and

This T-bucket model was basically scratch built or "kit bashed" as they say in the plastic model car world. Many of the parts where however fabricated by myself. The chassis was all custom built using brass channel and tubing. The front leaf spring,chrome tube shocks ,rear coil overs,steering arm and linkge where also all fabricated. The engine detail was the most difficult with all the fuel lines and wiring.The car is fully plumbed and wired with working lights and steering. I also sourced parts from several different 1/8 scale models such as the Big "T" and the Monogram/Lindberg T-bucket models along with the Revell Duece. If you enjoyed this video please check out my other uploads for more great model cars and visible engines.

Model Building Contest [S5 Ep.13-4]
The Drag' N' Wagon is back, and today the focus is on the interior. Have you ever wanted to get rid of the old, cheap upholstery in your vehicle, but not really known how to go about it? Well, follow along as Stacey shows you how to strip all that old upholstery off, and put some new leather on... and it really is something YOU can do at home! After that, we dig into the myth that recycled oil is BAD oil, and actually show that recycled oil might be better then what you are using now! Also, the Revell model building contest comes to an end and not only do you get to see the winning cars, but also a look at how a real car becomes a model kit. It's something for everybody, and it's only on GEARZ!!!

Some closeups of models that are in my other vids.The yellowish parts are resin cast peices i made for junkers/junkyard.