BW s256 SRT4 dyno

472whp 433 torque 24psi pump gas + meth

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SRT-4 S256 Hood Mounted GoPro Hero 3 Fun Run
Just a test pass mounting my new GoPro3 Black Edition on my hood behind the left heat extractor. Listen to that S256 spool! The blow off valve is a TiAL 50mm

My E85 S256 Srt4 2.0
My Set up: S256, 20psi, E85, Single Walbro, No return line, Stock block and head. 1100 F.I.C injectors, SCT Tuned : Kevin @ AGP New videos soon! Built block 500+ E85 =) :Me Random Fly By. :Me vs My buddies Srt4 57trim 16psi :Me vs 600 Wheel Procharged Meth kit Mustang 5.0 :Me vs 550 Wheel E85 Procharged V6 Mustang * I do not own the rights to this song.

SRT-4 Borg Warner S256 dyno pull on 93 pump gas
Here's a pull from my tune session with Nigel in April. Stock motor and head, all supporting mods. Car made 336 HP 360 TQ @ 23.5 psi and 19* timing at 6100 RPMs. After this pull we took timing to 21* and Boost down to 22.5 and she made 342 HP 360 TQ. Pulls were made on a Mustang Dyno. 2 weeks later I Dyno'd on a DynoJet at HIS Motorsports running Nigel's 110 tune and made 380 HP 380 TQ, 22.5 psi. Motor has 103k miles. Built motor coming soon.

EFR Turbo Series from BorgWarner Turbo Systems
Background story on the concept, development, and testing of the new BorgWarner turbocharger series, EFR