Mike's 86 T Type rollin

This is one of my car club brotha's, cruisin in his 1986 turbo Buick Regal..

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SAM Buick Regal T-Type , Exotic Classic!! PHILLY .- Team Ridiculous Soundz
SAM "turbo Buick" Rolling RidiculouS! RS Squad PHILLY

miami t-type
did a lil video of my car its a 87 buick regal t-type with a couple of things done to it in the truck it has 3 15s in a custom box 22 forgiato maglias and a couple other things just having fun with it and enjoying it.. took it to the 2013 forgiato show in miami fl won 2nd place not bad at all ill say ...got to love these turbo cars

Boost Films SFL - Buick T-Type goes 8.32 @ 178mph Test & Tune [HD]
While at PBIR we met up with these 2 awesome guys (Owner/builder & Tuner) with their simply gorgeous T-Type. Unexpectedly this thing ran 8.32 without even breaking a sweat! Coolest thing about this car we were told that it was built in the owners garage! Check it out don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe!

scott crash 11-26-11