Mike's 86 T Type rollin

This is one of my car club brotha's, cruisin in his 1986 turbo Buick Regal..

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Buick Regal and T-Type Added to Classic Industries Lineup
Buick G-body fans rejoice - Classic Industries is adding a complete new catalog of Regal, GN, and T-Type restoration and performance parts to their lineup! It's great news for anyone looking to bring one of these cars back to factory-new condition, and the catalog joins an extensive library of other GM restoration parts catalogs offered by Classic Industries. View more at: http://www.streetmusclemag.com/news/video-classic-industries-adds-the-buick -regal-to-catalog-lineup/ SUBSCRIBE to the POWERTV YOUTUBE Channel -- http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=powertv ***** Visit Power Automedia's Online Magazines! Power Automedia is the #1 Automotive Performance Digital Publisher! Pushrod and Modular Ford & Mustang - http://www.fordmuscle.com Next-Gen Ford Performance - http://www.fordnxt.com LSX GM - http://www.lsxmag.com Hot Rods & Muscle Cars - http://www.streetmusclemag.com Drag Racing - http://www.dragzine.com Street Rods! - http://www.rodauthority.com Chevy Muscle Cars - http://www.chevyhardcore.com Engine Performance - http://www.enginelabs.com Corvette - http://www.corvetteonline.com Off Road - http://www.offroadxtreme.com Diesel Trucks - http://www.dieselarmy.com Sport Compact - http://www.revvedmag.com Performance Driving - http://www.turnology.com

miami t-type
did a lil video of my car its a 87 buick regal t-type with a couple of things done to it in the truck it has 3 15s in a custom box 22 forgiato maglias and a couple other things just having fun with it and enjoying it.. took it to the 2013 forgiato show in miami fl won 2nd place not bad at all ill say ...got to love these turbo cars

1986 Buick Regal T-Type WOT
Video of my fiancee pushing the Buick to the floor. Enjoy!!!

SAM Buick Regal T-Type , Exotic Classic!! PHILLY .- Team Ridiculous Soundz
SAM "turbo Buick" Rolling RidiculouS! RS Squad PHILLY