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Nu Skool Chevy Monte Carlo Fest

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Rimz-On-Everythang/160077457378344 Nu Skool Chevy Monte Carlo (95'-07') Z34 LS LT SS Song 1)Hollyweerd-Weerdo Song 2)Jackie Chan-Blinded By The Light


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Nu Skool Chevy Monte Carlo Fest Vol. 2
Nu Skool Chevy Monte Carlo (2000-2007)

Kandy Green Monte Carlo SS on 24's pt.2

454 monte carlo on 24's runs into cops
My friends monte carlo on 4's challenges my z28 with an ls3 head and then burns out right in front of a cop but i didn't get that on tape my bad.

Nissan Maxima/Altima Fest
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Rimz-On-Everythang/160077457378344 Nissan Maxima (2000 & Up) Nissan Altima (2002 & Up)

2007 Chevy Monte Carlo on 26's Bangin 4 15's on a 4000 watt amp
Just installed 4 15's on a 4000 watt amp, this amp is built to produce a real 4000 watts at 12.5 Volts, car also has 3 Otima batteries and an Mechman High Output Alternator all ran with O Gauge wire. It also has 6 8's ran on a Kicker 650

Monte Carlo SS on 24s DUB Padrone spinners and Monte Carlo CL on 23s Davin Onyx
Little Rock still holdin it down! Ridin Dubs and Davins!


Convertible Chevy Monte Carlo on 26" Ovale Forgiatos- Arctic Customs
FOR THE PICTURES GO TO: http://acewhips.blogspot.com Convertible Chevy Monte Carlo on 26" Ovale Forgiatos- Arctic Customs

Bubble Chevy Fest Vol. 3
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Rimz-On-Everythang/160077457378344 Bubble Chevy Chevy Caprice 1991-1996 Chevy Impala 1994-1996

Monte Carlo SS on 26" Davins and air ride
This is one of the sickest SS Monte Carlos in Cincinnati Ohio. It has air ride lift,hid lights, 2004 Monte interior,20 inch flip down, Exhaust cut outs,sun visor tvs,navi,26 inch Davin Street spins,cam,hi comp pistons. Brought to you by Big Papas Car Audio Cincinnati Ohio.Subscribe to see what we come up with next.Thanks for the views.

2007 Chevy Monte Carlo on 26's Audio Install Bangin out 4 15's on a 4000.1
2007 Chevy Monte Carlo on 26's - I installed 6 8's on a Kicker 650. Built the sub boxes for four 15's, powered by a 4000 watt amp.I also installed 3 Optima batteries along with a high output Mechman Alternator. I did not build the fiberglass mid-range enclosures. Installed at Flossin Creations in Merritt Island, Florida by me Franxx

How to get a Car Lifted for BIG 26 Inch rims
The Underground Rim King shows you how to get you car lifted for them BIG rims... Warning and Disclaimer : Amatuers DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME

2012 Nomad, Monte Carlo & El Camino "Camaro based"
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B1V09XU As a designer and a third generation Camaro owner I was very disappointed at Mr. Ed Welburn's compromise called 2010 Camaro, for one its simply too tall and heavy to be called a sports car or at least a pony car the two door Bentley also claims sports car status , go figure... some might argue that the new Camaro is a muscle car, perhaps but any old car with a strong enough frame that can handle an overpowered engine and achieves a fast quarter mile, is a mussel car, but a pony car was special...how you ask? It was based on a fairly small sporty car that cold be purchased as a strip down starter car to the mighty 1973 Pontiac firebird trans am equipped with the 300 horses and crap load of torque, oh did I mention the blue on blue turkey decal or shall I call it the screaming chicken by any name it was just the right hood decoration surrounding the rudely protruding shaker air intake with the 455SD insignia on both sides and yes there was a Pontiac big block super duty 455 cid engine was nested under the hood of a measly firebird which was no more then a Ford Pinto with its smaller engine. Okay I am exaggerating a bit a polar whit pinto with blue turkey decal? But this new Camaro wants to jump to the top from the get go and to make matters worse it tries to accommodate some sort of a cartoonish look of a mussel car the silhouette of a pony car and the size of a firkin Buick, and if that was not bad enough it is both visually and ergonomically offensive to most women ... most ladies never bought the 455 SD T/A my cousin did back in 73 sadly the last ting he probably saw was that funky aluminum dash as the car was airborne of the side of a mountain cliff somewhere in Logar province of Afghanistan that was 1976 nor the ladies care for a yellow Rumble Bee pickup truck like the one I got no my friend Linda Mary drove her four cylinder iron duke powered 3rd gen. Camaro stuffed with all her belongings from her home town of Montgomery Alabama to Manhattan NY and then trashed it , there is no need for a car in big apple dontchknow? while my best friend and also my ex-fiancé made her parents to buy her a flame red 1986 IROC-Z28 on her high school graduation back in 1987 she drove it for 10 yeas and then I obtained it from her in exchange for a whole lot of Amex miles so she can shop at Fortunoff... Bottom line... this super sized Camaro based on a full size sedans platform which reminds me more of the 57 Belair then a Camaro car, hence it can be many things a station wagon like a Nomad a pickup truck such as an El Camino a replacement for a full-size coupe perhaps Monte Carlo or possibly the future Batmobile but a pony care? I dont think so! Ps. the little sleek car you see in the video is my proposal for Camaro after they put the currant carcass to the right use. Gaus http://gaus-usa.com/

Monte Carlo on 24"s
The 2007 Monte Carlo on 24 inch rims

Chevy Monte Carlo 24" RIMS 12" Lift
Monte Carlo Lifted 12 inches At Dakoopsta House Kustomz A Lift like This Will run Different Prices With Parts.....This kit is $2500. Including Custom Front Control Arms, 4 inch Fabtech Spindles,All new front and rear bushings, Custom extended Rear Trailing Arms, New Front And Rear extended Shocks, New front And Rear Custom Springs,Front End Steering Work included Contact us At DHK 5017447064

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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