BMW 335i Crank Issue

Issues starting up in the mornings.

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335i HPFP Failure
Day 5 of my new CPO 07 335i. Was expecting HPFP failure so I got the camera ready. Caught on film!

335i Hard start
335i with 13,000 miles hard to start

Issues with 2009 BMW 335i

BMW 335i Start Issue
UPDATE: Just had the DCS unit replaced this week. It had a fault code. So far, no problems. The day after I took delivery on my 2008 BMW 335i, I've encountered this issue periodically. I've got comfort access, so the flob is in my pocket. 1. With the car locked, pull the handle and enter the car. 2. Foot on the break, press START. 3. The car doesn't start, most lights on the dash lite up, gong chimes and the wipers go on. (Note the ABS and airbag lights) 4. Regardless of what I do with the wiper paddle, they will not shut off. 5. Press START once more and the vehicle starts. Dash lights and wipers still on. 6. Put seat belt on, dash light still has the warning. At this point, if you try to drive everything will stay on as listed above. Turn signal works, but does not go off after turn. Must shut off manually with paddle. 5. Foot off the break, pressing STOP, the engine shuts off and most of the dash lights except airbag and seat belt. 6. Press STOP again, the wipers shut off. 7. Get out of the car, lock the vehicle. Repeating this process, the issue still remains. This does not happen every time, however it's happened 5 times now and the only way to fix it is lock the car and leave it for 20+ seconds. Electrical issue or software are my guesses. Definitely not happy about this since I'm now 6+ hours from a dealership. I'd like to hear opinions.