BMW 335i Crank Issue

Issues starting up in the mornings.

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2007 BMW E92 328i 6-speed, Starter quick fix & diagnosis

BMW 335i E92 injectors failure
Engine problem with a 335i E92 N54.I thought it was the High Pressure Fuel Pump thats slowly dying(very known problem) but it turned out to be the injectors of cilinders 1,2&3 that were failing.

BMW 335i Limp Mode Video =[
My e92 335i going into limp mode after loooooong cranks....and the idle goes nuts too. In person the car shakes violently....=[....looks like my fuel pump is gone...

Worst BMW 335i - 135i HPFP failure - long crank
BMW 335i High Pressure Fuel Pump failing. Long cranks and unstable idle.