How to paint flames-( Video (part 2 of 2)

Our how to video shows you how easy it is to layout flames on your car,boat, truck or trailer using our easy to use kit. Don't be fooled by imitations. We are the original flame stencil kit. Visit: to purchase your kit today.

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Custom Vehicle Graphics w/ Armando Serrano
To buy complete video: For Airbrush Supplies: Armando Serrano is best known for his flashy graphics and traditional tape-out styles. In this near 2 hour tutorial Armando will walk you through this entire graphic layout from start to finish. Starting from Base Coat mixing and spraying to Candy Graphics and lace layouts, this video does not miss a step. Jeff Styles also joins in with Armando to teach you first hand how to layout flame graphics using fine line tapes and semitransparent automotive masking. Armando covers many things including how to mix your base colors and candies, as well as the highly sought after water droplet effect. Also covered in this video is the old school lace graphic layouts and popular candy fades. Armando also covers some special tricks he uses to get his base color and graphics to Pop. Some Highlights Include: •Graphic tape-outs •Fan graphics •Lace pattern graphics •Fish scale graphics •Mixing & spraying candies •Mixing & spraying base coats •Use of SEM Urethanes •Spray gun setup •Flame graphic layout •Masking •Drop shadow graphics •Candy fade edges •Protecting your artwork •Water droplet FX •And much more... FOR MORE TUTORIAL VIDEOS VISIT: ALL YOUR AIRBRUSH NEEDS:

Studebaker flame job
Jeff Styles laying out and spraying flames on my 59 Studebaker truck. Work done at Quigley's Auto body in Lake Forest Cal. Paint and body by Craig Turner.

How to paint ghost flames with spray cans
Hey guys! I’m Brad, and I make how-to videos. I do custom painting projects, guitar painting, airbrushing, spray can painting, wood working, and a variety of other finishing work and tutorials. Please subscribe and check out my channel for more! IMPORTANT: Since the filming of this video, candy paint has become available in spray can format. This video shows a new technique that I came up with for painting a form of ghost flame with spray cans. Obviously you can achieve superior results using proper spray equipment, but this is still a fun an interesting technique to try out. Hopefully this technique will open up some possibilities for ghosting effects for anyone who is restricted to doing their spraying with cans. The paints that I use in this video are made by Rustoleum. Other brands such as Krylon, Tremclad, Molotow, or others can be used as long as you can find a translucent colour that meets your needs. Candy paints, which are completely transparent, are now available. House of Kolor carries a high quality version. They refer to them as Kandy. You will be able to achieve superior results as demonstrated on the reverse of the panel if you become proficient with an airbrush and paint gun. The back of the panel was painted using AutoAir and PPG paints, as well as a Devilbiss paint gun and Iwata airbrush. The process for achieving this kind of effect with spray cans involved creating a high contrast image using a dark background and light foreground, or the opposite. Next you paint over it with a semi-transparent colour such as the rustoleum metallic paint that I used in this video. I chose the racing green colour, and used it as the background as well. You can also just do your image in black and white and then go over it with your top colour. Video about getting an even coat of paint with spray cans: Video about getting a cheap spray setup: Thanks for watching, and I hope that this was helpful. To get in touch with me with your questions, photos, etc. use the links below!

Disciplined1Designs - "3D Flames & Skulls Tank"
Artist: Daniel Echeverry Vehicle: 2003 Honda Ace Deluxe 750 - Sculpted relief; flat black w/HOK red candy The contact information in this video is outdated. All inquiries can be sent to