Wild Ride Pro Mod Ghia

Aaron Creech driving Gene Collier's AMAZING Pro Mod Ghia at the Fast Times at Farmington in NC on Oct 25th 09. He pulls the wheels up through 3 gears and keeps it straight!

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My friend Gene just got his Pro Mod Karmann Ghia running, made one pass and Broke his Trans. Paradise built this tremendous engine, now he has to put it to the ground. He went 5.40 1/8 mile in South Carolina. The Official VW Pro Mod record is 5.41 but Gene was unable to back up his run in S.C. do to weather and clutch issues. Will we see in Dallas, Maybe??

Pro Mod VW (Alan Fore) -38

Worlds fastest "streetlegal" beetle (9.03 @ 1/4 mile, 256km/t)
Tor Øyvind Skinnes turbobeetle doing 9.03 @ 1/4 mile at SCC at Gardermoen raceway. This makes it the Worlds fastest street legal beetle. (With standard bottom plate) The Run was improved to 9.01 the next day. (Best time now 8,60)

Paradise Pro Mod
VW Paradise