1974 GTO

Me and my dad were at a car show (my dad has a 1964 gto-hardtop) and there was a 1974 drag racing gto-tht thing was mean!!

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1974 GTO burnout

1974 pontiac ventura 455 at the track
drag racing

1974 Pontiac GTO - Mr. Leno - Have You Seen My Baseball?
These are recent photos taken of Bruce Cliche's car & parts collection here in East Calais, Vermont. Over 1 million parts and 700 cars. The collection is for sale for $1.6 million. Bruce Cliche - (802)-454-7875. Will post more clips soon. Thanks.

1974 Pontiac GTO with Factory White Paint - My Car Story with Lou Costabile
On “My Car Story” we're in Rosemont IL at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals on 11-20-14. We’re looking at a 1974 Pontiac GTO with factory White paint. The car's Owner is Jody Traylor. He’s had the car since 2012. As the last year for a while of GTO’s Jody shares how the car’s design and features are taken from a combination of GM cars at the time. Today, the cars rarity make it pretty cool! ENJOY!