2008 Viper runs 10.6x

First time at the 1/4 mile track in my Viper, plenty of room left to go. Track prep and weather was horrible.

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Dodge Viper ACR 2008 / NJMP Lightning / RTR PCA
This is the last session I ran on Sunday June 9th with RTR PCA. I apologize for the third camera not working and the lack of data. I have addressed those issues going forward. This was a fun session for me so I wanted to post it. I always appreciate any feedback on my driving. Thanks! Car is a stock 2008 Viper ACR on Hoosier A6's. I want to thank everyone who worked hard to put on another great Riesentoter Region PCA HPDE event! I would also like to thank Monster Pets for allowing me to drive the car. Find them on the web at www.monsterpetsonline.com

2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Start Up and Driving
Push button ignition, cockpit dash, a beautiful interior, amazing sound, what more could you ask for??? I want one so bad, they're sooo fast with 600 hp!

TX2K13 - 1100hp Truck smokes Supercharged Viper
One of the more entertaining match-ups from Saturday at Hennessey's Lonestar Motorsports Park during TX2K13's drag strip day. Pre-order the DVD to see more! www.1320video.com

Twin Turbo GTO vs Twin Turbo Viper
Street racing in Mexico