2008 Viper runs 10.6x

First time at the 1/4 mile track in my Viper, plenty of room left to go. Track prep and weather was horrible.

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viper 2008 vs gt500 vs gtr 2013

Shelby 2009 vs viper 2008 vs corvette
شلبي محمد عصمت vs فايبر vs كورفيت

Corvette vs Viper Race
The battle continues between the two high performance cars, a 915hp supercharged Corvette with a widebody conversion and a 900hp supercharged Viper (off the bottle) face off at the Spring 2013 Texas Invitational roll race event.

AIR 2000 Viper GTS ARH Headers Borla Catback Dyno Results HD.wmv
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