Andrew Burton/Robin Kellard Peugeot Cosworth 2011 Season Video highlights of Andy & Robin in action on each round of the 2011 BTRDA series. 5 1st place finishes, and 2 3rds helped them secure the 2011 BTRDA Gold Star rally championship in the cars final ever season. Footage filmed by Steve Drew, Phil Drew & Luke Harvey

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Building The Beast - Andy Burton interview
Is this HD? Well this is the closest we have to it...With Andy Burton looking set to win the BTRDA championship in the last year that his Peugeot Cosworth is legal to use, it seemed a shame to have our 2008 interview with him up in such poor quality! Filmed and edited by Nial Anderson. Rally footage

Andy Burtons Peugeot Cosworth
Taken from the DVD 'The World's Top Ten Rally Cars, available from

The Kelsey MC2: Homebuilt Rally Car That's Too Fast for the WRC - TST in NZ
Alex Kelsey's "MadCreations2," a home-built rally car is simply one of the fastest, one of the coolest vehicles we've ever seen. And he's more than happy to show us just how insane the performance is on a closed rally stage in the Coromandel Peninsula. With a one-off chassis, a home built suspension, a 1000kg body and a 450 HP RenaultSport V6, this road legal rally car is simply beyond belief. More info at: Give our sponsors a look at:

Andy Burton Haye Park 2011
Andy Burton & Robin Kellard Peugeot 306 Cosworth Haye Park Stage Woodpecker Stages 2011 A final chance to see this awesome machine in action. Filmed in Full 1080P High Definition by In Car Services Cameras available for hire for most events in the UK, call ICS on 07977 574074 or e-mail us at for more info.