New BMW 1600 GT Motorcycle

The new BMW K 1600 GT and BMW K 1600 GTL will be presented for the first time at motorcycle exhibition INTERMOT in Cologne, Germany (October 6-10). With the new K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL, BMW motorcycles are now available for the first time with a 6-cylinder in-line power unit developed in-house. has the full story.

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BMW K1600GTL * There Is No Substitute
The BMW K1600GTL is the best performing, uber comfortable, most advanced high tech luxury motorcycle on the planet.

BMW K 1600 GT and GTL
SUBSCRIBE for daily car videos! The K 1600 as GT und GTL celebrates its world premiere showing at the Cologne Motorcycle Show. The K 1600 GT is a sporty machine. The full touring program is offered by the GTL with two panniers and a topcase on request. All come with central locking. Powerfully accelerating to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 3.2 seconds, relaxed cruising, nimble handling of curvy terrain. The new BMW K 1600 masters a whole host of tasks. The tank of the GT 24 holds 24 liters of fuel, the GTL's tank 26.5 liters. The engine is fitted with a catalytic converter. Expect delivery of these luxurious bikes to start in spring of 2011. Maybe you should start saving right now. Pricing to be at least 20, 000 Euros. For that you get real Bavarian-style Six appeal.

BMW 1600GTL vs HONDA GOLDWING - PROLOGUE - バイクインプレ Show Down ザ・対決!VOL.7 ファーストクラスへようこそ! Premium Grand Tourer BMW 1600GTL vs HONDA GOLDWING ◆見出し記事 プレミアムGTが誘う至福の時間 ライダーは知っている。自分とマシンが完全に一体化し たときに訪れる至高の悦びや、我々を真空の宇宙から守 ってくれている大気の優しい手応えなど。快適な旅をし たいだけなら、選択肢はいろいろあるだろう。でも、ラ イダーは常にバイクで旅をしたいと考える ...続きはmotocomサイトでお楽しみご覧下さい。

BMW K 1600 GT, Stunt Riding Chris Pfeiffer, Sofa, BMW Motorrad Days,
An den BMW Motorrad days in GP 2012 stellte Chris Pfeiffer ein Superschwergewicht nämlich die BMW K 1600 GT als super handliches Sofa vor :) , Leergewicht 306kg, 160PS, 175 Nm, Chris Pfeiffer, Freestyle Stuntriding, sorry nur mit kleinem Foto aufgenommen, ziemlich wackelig :(