New Pypes catback on the Turbo Buick

Pypes Exhaust on a turbo Buick - rear sound clips

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New Pypes catback
New Pypes Exhaust for my turbo Buick

Smokem's Grand National with Flowmaster Super 44's
Flowmaster Super 44's installed to contrast with the Delta 40's

87 Turbo Buick 11.42/121mph pass
June 26, 2009 - Baseline testing for the next upgrade. Funny part is Mustang before me forgets to close his hood. Not so funny as my tires cool down waiting for him to get his act together. That rattling noise after launch is a lesson learned on how much the tranny actually moves under load and how much clearance to maintain from rotating parts...oops.

1987 Grand National Pypes Exhaust SGG50R Decatted
I apologize for the wind noise video doesn't do the car justice. Recommend Headphones if your speakers aren''t too good. Car is not mine belongs to my father.