DAVES 08 350Z TT 540 WHP @ 15 PSI

After a slight retune, and only 12 degrees of timing! the car produced 540 rwhp @ 15 psi. CP pistons, Brian Crower Rods, stock crankshaft, stock cams, greddy 20G TT kit, stock returnless fuel system, walbro 255 LPH, 850CC injectors (motor built by injected performance) This is a baseline before the new fuel system. I expect the car to be tuned to no less than 850WHP+ after the fuel system.

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350z 15 psi pulls
Checking A/f's

E55 vs 350Z-TT 40 roll
Z has greddy kit and is on 7-8 psi E55 is stock. Z has passenger Merc has none

Injected Performance 350Z...9.1@152
This is my friend Hal from Injected Performance testing their 350Z. Pass was made on a moderate 24 psi with their GT-47 turbo.

Daves 350Z Dubai
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload)