Ministock 2.3 ford 2300

Here is a short clip of my car running it is a stock 2.3 LoL stock hahaha.

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585 hp 2.3l ford on pump gas Street-N-Strip
Street-N-Strip of otsego michigan, 2.3l ford custom 441 lift slider cam, meth injection, 28 p.s.i. 269-692-3100

Ford 2.3 Ministock Engine
Engine by Young Engines. Go to for more info. Engines at Franklin County Speedway, 311 Raceway, Ararat Raceway, & more.

2.3 Ford Ranger Turbo Burnout
my friend taping me doing a burnout in my 2.3 turbo ranger 260hp, Garrett T3, 3.73 posi, 18 psi, custom SCT tune

Open wheel modified race car wytheraceway 2013
Here is a video of the inside of my car from this weekend.