Restyling BMW 320 E36 in BMW M3 E46

TOtal conversion BMW E36 in BMW M3 E46

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BMW E36 Komplettumbau auf E46 M3 Facelift - Hasan Gökpinar Pazarcik Demirciler
Restyling BMW E36 320i in BMW E46 M3 Facelift. Kleines Video von unserem Projekt. Hoffe es gefällt euch. Hasan Gökpinar Ali Gökpinar Kahramanmaras - Pazarcik Köprüagizi Demirciler Köyü


BMW E46 330ci to M3 SMG CS Alpine White 2 Conversion project
Owners of m3 e46 knows that to keep an m3 e46 in a like new condition cost a lot of money. The conversion cost 15.000 Euro. the parts of 330 sold for about 4.000 Euro. Total spent 11.000 Euro. As you can see the donor car was an m3 e46 2006 smg competition package fully loaded (less than 4 years old). Most of you  know that cs has: 1. euro 4 2. the newer different suspension setup (cars after 3/2005 I think) 3. m3 e46 csl brakes (345mm) 4. m3 e46 csl quicker steering rack 5. m3 e46 csl manifolds 6. alcandara csl steering wheel and handbrake 7.different smg program(cars after 3/2005 I think) 8.m3 e46 engine without recalls problems (The engine burns 0 ml of oil after 7 years of conversion) Also 1. bought  new genuine brake discs and pads 2. bought new genuine suspension (absorbers and springs) 3. New cs genuine 19 wheels with brand new continental (now volk te37 18 just 8kg) 4.rebuilt  smg pump and motor 5.made a huge service changing almost everything in the car. paintwork.  The exterior of the car has not a tiny scratch and shine. The interior now swapped for imola red In conclusion after 7 years the only Euro i remember I spend is just for engine oils. Make the math and you will see that 11.000 Euro are not that much for someone who wanted at 2010 or even present, to buy a used m3 e46 and put all this parts on the car. I have many friends with m3 e46 and some of them have serious problems with their cars and sold them because m3 destroyed them financially (m3 owners now what I mean) . Also check the prices for used genuine m3 e46 cs at mint condition. p.s.   answer for some friends comments: 1.still not an m3 (but  still in like new condition without problems, don’t have to be jealous) cost 5000 gbp ( in uk now. 2010 in Greece cost 30-40k) 3.One only Crash with that thing and you will die in this (obviously no knowledge about bodywork, but when  see bmw with wide bodykit and fenders say: oh!!! It is a beast or oh!!!  amazing job. An e46 330 turbo with 400 hp will not kill someone in a crash?). Pease my friends and appreciate the time someone spent to share his knowledge and his passion with other people.

BMW E36 CONVERSION Hungary2010.avi
BMW E36 CONVERSION Hungary2010