2 car demo derby part 1

messing around with a 1993 lumina and a 1993 tracer

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2 car demo derby part 2
tracer breaks axle shaft lumina over heats

Arthurs back yard demolition derby
12 strangers, 12 cars go at till the end in a backyard demolition derby it's a free for all. shhhhhh the cops don't know about it, so don't say anything.

1 Barney jumping his Lumina
Barney Destroys his Lumina aka animuL, with Ashley, Dustin and Justin as passengers. Crash video taped it.

2016 Demo Derby Car 2001 Alero
Couldn't pass on such a great deal for a running and driving car. We had to fight the car into the garage corner, but it finally fit. I will start stripping and building this car over winter/spring.