Bmw (E39) 540i stock AT Vs Nissan350Z(intake+Crank)ML

Rolling 50-700 in kuwaait

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MotorTrend Television E39 BMW 540i test
This is a short video from 1997 that I have been saving until I had a chance to buy one of these.

Bolt on 2005 350Z VS stock 2001 BMW 540
This is my (camera car) 350Z with intake, plenium headers, Exhaust, and cat deletes. VS a stock 2001 540. Also a stock 2005 350Z with axle back Exhaust VS stock 540. the last race is with my car and the stock Z.

BMW E39 540i Auto vs BMW E39 540i Manuel Rolling ᴴᴰ
BMW E39 540i "Auto" (Black) Driver: #12 Halit IŞIK Car Spec's:(286Hp) Stock BMW E39 540i Manuel (Silver) Driver: #16 Ali BERBEROĞLU Car Spec's:(286Hp) Stock MMPower Racer Team ©2013 MMPower HD Videos 1080ᴴᴰ

530i vs sc400 interrupted by a bmw 540i
a bmw 530i and a lexus sc400 were racing and a modified bmw 540i comes from behind blowing their doors off!!