Chevy pulling 2 stuck fords

My friend pulling out 2 fords stuck in pismo

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Chevy Pulling A Ford West GA Mud Park
Chevy Pulling A Ford out at The West Georgia Mud Park. New Years Eve 2011

Mr. Criminal getting pulled out
having a good time in Pismo Mr. Criminal got stuck f250 pulled it out

Stuck Ford Super Duty
It rained really hard, so a bunch of people (including me) went out to play with their 4X4's. This guy thought he could make it through this mud hole, and his buddies thought they could pull him out with a 2wd van, in reverse. They also thought a waterski rope would be strong enough to pull him out. And that the best way to pull him was up a 3 or 4 foot drop. Finally a guy with a good tow strap, front and rear lockers and a good heavy truck pulled in and saved the day. And as you'll see at the end of the video, the driver forgot to lock the hubs on the stuck truck. What a difference 4X4 makes, when the front wheels are actually working haha. All in all, I had fun watching, and they got out fine. A fun and interesting rainy Sunday.

Pismo Trailer Fail
rental rv + sand= FAIL