Chevy pulling 2 stuck fords

My friend pulling out 2 fords stuck in pismo

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Two Dumbasses Pulling A Nissan 720 With A Cummins At Pismo Beach
To answer some questions: 720 has a blown transfer case and a blown right front tire. The tire on both trucks were down to 10 psi and u kinda have yo get moving in order to pull someone through sand, ecspecialy up hill in sand. The nissan was just about dead weight. We were stuck in a bowl so the only way out was up hill. As for the planet, no polar bears were hurt during the making of this video. That cummins is better for the enviroment then your pritty little Prius. Do some research befor you speek. And yes, to answer the question about the cameraman.

Mr. Criminal rv got stuck Ford F-250 pulls him out
having a good time in Pismo Mr. Criminal got stuck f250 pulled it out

Jake's Superduty pulls out Mike O's 2wd Chevy at Pismo
Jacob in his Action Auto Wreckers Superduty pulling Mike O out of the sand. Video was shot July 23, 2011 at Pismo Dunes SVRA.

Chevy Pulling A Ford West GA Mud Park
Chevy Pulling A Ford out at The West Georgia Mud Park. New Years Eve 2011