Audi RS4 vs BMW M3

Audi RS4 vs BMW M3 on the highway

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rs4 vs bmw m3.mp4
jo da waren wir mit einem audi RS4 Kombi unterwegs, vollbesetzt. da kommt auf einmal ein M3 und überholt uns...den hätten wir aber noch geschnappt. AUDI RS4 auf jeden fall besser als M3 !!!

Witch Hunt BMW M3 vs Audi RS4 Nürburgring Nordschleife Germany
BMW M3 Audi RS4 Nürburgring Nordschleife Germany

Watch Tom Cruise Destroy A BMW M3 In Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
After too many years of crappy computer generated car stunts, practical effects are coming back. Mad Max set the tone this year and the new Mission Impossible flick is carrying the torch into the summer. Here’s a brief look behind the scenes at how Tom Cruise and Co. are bringing real driving back to the big screen. Read more: 1720034056 Follow Jalopnik on: Drive free or die!

RS4 Exhaust by RS Quattro
A demo video of the new complete performance Exhaust for AUDI RS4 V8 made by RS Quattro. It includes 200 cell hi flow CATs, complete piping, mufflers, and valve system connected to original Sport button. AUDI RS4 V8 by RS Quattro. For more info contact Youry on: