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Latvian Timber Truck Crash



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840.3 vs timber truck
light stuck timber truck

Soraa tontille - gravel to the building ground
Tukkiautolle ajotietä gravel to the building ground for the wood harvesting forest machines and storing the timber. Truck is the Finnish Sisu R 500 The Tractor is the Finnish Valmet, local farmer.

Svetruck TMF 28-21 unloading Volvo FH12 6x2 Timber Truck
2012-06-13 Brand new Svetruck TMF 28-21 unloading a timbertruck with a girl as driver Visit us at Facebook / Besök oss på Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/BmRille

CRAZY Truck Crashes, Truck Accidents compilation 2013 - Part3
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Holz Elberg in Aktion wenn die Strasse mal aus ist...
Bach durchquerung bei Rundholzabfuhr im Hochsauerland LKW auf Abwegen Wo ein Wille ist,ist auch ein Weg.

890.3 vs timber truck
890.3 get´s unloaded by truck......

camion planetaire truck 1
photos de camion de bois hors route au lac st jean quebec

Белазы #3 / Мастерство, опыт и удача / Ужас дорог
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Driving with 60 000kg+ in the swedish forest.
An avarage day for a swedish truck driver...

Extreme Trucking - Big Trucks in the world
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How to load a timber truck in Sweden
Loading a timber truck on a narrow road in the swedish forest. The truck is a Scania R560 V8 with opticruise automatic gearbox.

Tukkiauto Timber truck
Pinosta tehtaalle. Ajokone teki tien hieman kuraiseksi, ja kuoppaseksi.

Sisu truck backing
Terje tipper mens han rygger i løsmasse

Uuups, kleiner Kratzer, aber gut gegangen... Small scratch, but gone well...
Spiegelglatt, dass sich der LKW eindrehte, die Kurve hängte zum Hang, dann hat es ein wenig gekratzt und zurück gab es sowieso keines mehr... Glassy that itself the truck screwed, the curve hung to the slope, then it has scratched a little and back there was anyhow of nobody more...

Scania R 580 i skogen

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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