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Pinzgauer 718M 6x6 Malaysia - checking

Checking the Pinz after repair, still lots more things to fix.


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Test Drive Pinzgauer 718M 6x6 -1st inspection after taking delivery, Malaysia
Taking my newly acquired Pinzgauer 718M for a spin. Several things is not going as smooth yet, but its now its on the road and drive able.

pinzgauer, like a stone
pinzgauers off road, with good music, as ever

Pinzgauer deep water
Haflinger & Pinzgauer club Green lanes salisbury plain.

Pinzgauer 6x6 deep water
Haflinger & Pinzgauer club Green lanes Salisbury Plain.

Pinzgauer High Mobility All-Terrain Vehicle.wmv

ALL-TERRAIN PINZGAUER TOURS 1-800-WHITEWATER http://pinzgauertours.com/ Ride in an high-mobility, all-terrain military vehicle, also known as a Pinzgauer, to a private mountain world with rugged terrain, hidden lakes, and beautiful vistas. Your driver will chat about local lore and history as you Pinz up and down 10 miles of rugged trails, pass shear rock faces, and straight down the mountainside

Pinzgauer Demo

Banana Pinzgauer (Pos Kuala Mu, Perak)
This yellow banana Pinzgauer went to Pos Kuala Mu - one of the hardest offroad trail in Malaysia - and push it to the limits. And this mighty offroader belongs to Azmarul Azman from Perlis, Malaysia.

Pinzgauer 712M First Start and Time Lapse Video Project
This is my 1973 Swiss Army Pinzgauer 712M troop transporter. It had been sitting at my Dad's house for quite a long time with very infrequent use and LOTS of snow on it. Unfortunately the snow ripped a seem in the back covering so that will need fixing. The truck almost started right up. I forgot the choke was manual... After that I drove it nearly 40 miles back to my house here in town and have been driving to work and back ever since!

The Silver Pinzgauer (Pos Kuala Mu, Perak, MALAYSIA)
The owner of the silver Pinzgauer drove slowly through the muddy road at the Pos Kuala Mu, Perak.

Six Wheelers / Amphibious ATVs
This is some footage of http://www.6x6world.com 's semi-annual six wheeler ride at Busco Beach ATV park in Goldsboro, NC from the weekend of April 15-17, 2011. With strong storms rolling through the area that produced sizable tornadoes, several members had to cancel their plans to attend the event, but even so, there were around 50 6x6 World members and over 30 six and eight wheel amphibious ATVs that made it. The footage in this video shows several different ATVs manufactured by Argo, Max, Attex and Hustler. It's interesting to watch the different models and how they excel in certain situations compared to each other. Busco Beach offers many different types of terrain to ride in from sand to mud but we typically find most of our trail rides end up in the muddier trails on the outskirts of the river that surrounds the park. That is where the majority of this video was shot.

steyr puch haflinger on new terra tyres
new tyres and paint for the 1970 haflinger.

6 wheel F1 car
Rare old school F1 footage of the 6 wheel Tyrrell P34 driven at Monaco. Legend F1 commentator Murray Walker voice over.

Offroad driving with Range Rover and Pinzgauer Pois tieltä!
Practising off-road driving in Tonttula estate, poistielta com practise area in Lohja, near Helsinki Finland. If you want to learn to drive like a pro, contact us. Poistielta. comin maasturisafarit alkavat ajoharjoittelulla Tonttulan temppuradalla. Temppuradalla on helppoa ja turvallista opetella autojen käsittelyä ennen maastoon siirtymistä.

6x6 Pinzgauer in the Rocks
Off road trailer behind Pinzgauer gets close to rolling over

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