tacoma drag racing with 2rzfe turbo 4cyl engine at Dallas dragstrip.

Tacoma drag racing at dallas dragstrip with org 4cyl turbo engine http://theturbodave.com/

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2rz turbo tacoma 11.47@118.58
First run on New drivetrain 5/1/15 at Royal Purple ,Same 25psi with T56 magnum with clutchmaster twin dics and ford 9 inch.New Intercooler to handle future Boost.New set of 28x11.5x15 Hossiers.No Boost off line yet ,I geared truck for another 150hp,Launched on limter at 7200.My first gear is 2.66 so without Boost off line had to leave that high or it bog.Working on Boost issue and will turn up soon with around 16psi off line for a starting point..Everything else is the same as before

9.59@147 5.10.06 fastest toyota street truck
BDRturbo 1993 pickup 2JZ powered

Turbo Tacoma 1
2RZ GT35R, AEM Standalone, 15 PSI, Tuned by Justin Nenni 357hp/323tq

Tacoma v.s. Silverado-me and my buddy racing from