Old Cars Adandoned in The Woods in Shreveport, LA

Out Roming the woods we found some a cars,

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River Cars
Farmers used to push old cars down into the banks hoping to hold them in place. It was legal "back then" of course.The price of scrap steel was not much back then and this seemed a good use for them. Some of those cars were push by walls of water in big down pours, pushed down to the river. Others were put directly on the river bank to help stop the river encroaching any further onto a farmers river bottom ground as the river would always change its course through the years and sometime in a few hours...It was legal back then, of course not anymore. These cars and trucks have had more miles of river pass them than they have driven combined.

1971 Chevelle found in woods
Chevelle found in woods

Rescuing a Truck Abandoned For 27 Years
This 1977 Dodge Warlock was rescued from the spot that it had sat in for 27 years. The date on the tag shows 1988. We take this truck home and give it a fresh start on a new life. This truck came from the factory with a 440, power steering, power disc brakes, A/C, and bucket seats. It's a very rare truck, so it deserves a new life. Be sure to subscribe for updates on this project!

Found an old scrapyard in the woods!
near my home