1/32 scale outdoor diorama... Moonshiners in my own back yard!

Shelby Jones (3rd generation moonshiner) his wife Angelina and a Pit bull named Fluffy move in a abandoned box car in my backyard. Shelby got his name runnin shine in a 66 Shelby GT350. His pappy and grandpappy ran the shine in a old 32 ambulance...Oh yeah, these folks are 1/32 scale lol... More vids coming soon...

More Videos...

Junkyard Play Table Update
Added some cars and scenery to the outdoor junkyard...btw this is not a serious diorama it is just for fun and a place for junk cars to lay to rest. Music created by GHOSTJERKER

Big Rig Slot Trucks
1/32 scale RC Publix 18 wheeler converted to Slot Truck 1/32 scale Die Cast Tow Truck Powered by 2 Power window motors 1/32 scale Die Cast Makita 18 wheeler soon to be converted Carrera Track

Nissan GTR 1:24th scale RC converted to Slot car.
1/24th RC Nissan GTR converted to slot car. Brake lights turn off on launch [= Slow motion for realism...

[Diorama 1:32] Hof + Fuhrpark der Agrargenossenschaft Mülsengrund // Dioramavorstellung
Das Diorama der Agrargenossenschaft Mülsengrund in 1:32 mit seinen Siku Farmer/Control- Maschinen. Dieses Dio befindet sich noch im Bau. Geplant ist ein drittes Feld (Getreide) und ein kompletter Lichtausbau. Zudem folgen noch weitere Details. In ca. 2 Monaten folgt dann ein Video auf dem das "fertige" Diorama vollständig zu sehen sein wird. Viel Spaß! Ein Film von Christopher W.