Peter Page 63 beetle on dyno - 2332cc type 1

As the title says. 163.8HP

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1961 Beetle with 2276cc engine on the dyno
Rod Richardson - 61 Beetle - 2276cc - 162.8hp(121.5kw)168hp with stinger.

1960 VW Ragtop Beetle 2332cc engine running
This is a high-spec 2332cc engine built for 200+hp CB044 Ultra Mag heads with 48IDA Webers and more. Sound much better in the flesh! Check out too see more about this awesome car!

CB Performance - 2276cc Turbo Engine (made 310hp)
Marc Auger's 2276cc turbo Engine... Features include: 82 x 94 44 x 37.5 Super Pro Heads w/vw650 Springs, 68cc Chambers 2250 Eagle Racing Camshaft 1.25:1 Ratio Rockers Side Outlet Full Flow Oiling Crank Trigger Ignition Water / Meth Injection Gen4 EFI Dual 40mm Throttle Bodies Stage-3 Kennedy Clutch Dual Friction Disc 252HP and 248 Ft/lbs. Torque @ 9 PSI 310HP and 298 Ft/lbs. Torque @ 14 PSI For more information about Turnkey Engines by Pat Downs, please see our website at

Howards VolKCWrod (volksrod)
This Amazing car was built by kustom coash werks and this there first time taken out the shop and driving it :heres the gallery: temId=3479&g2_page=1 a old VW beetle turn in to volksrod with a Type 4 2175 engine :Note: I am not the owner of this car (I wish!) and I dont work with KCW.