Peter Page 63 beetle on dyno - 2332cc type 1

As the title says. 163.8HP

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Neil Penboss -Turbo injected 2330cc beetle on dyno
Neil getting 168HP with lots of wheelspin and only revving to 4000rpm (new engine first time on Dyno)

"Dangerous" Dave's VW Beetle on the dyno (2715cc type 1 VW)
Dave on the Dyno. Wheelspin and a small clutch issue prevented a full power run, but he still managed 212HP at the wheels

Paul Brandt's VW Kombi T3 with Suby EJ25 motor on dyno
Paul Brandt - White 89 T3 Kombi with EJ25 2.5L Subaru Engine - 70.35hp (1st run with knock sensor fault code and 60% throttle), 2nd run 114.6hp

Leon's Twin Turbo VW Powered Trike on the Dyno
This is Leon's twin turbo VW engined trike on the Dyno.