Dodge Neon Compilation

Video i made showing different videos of Neons and some pics from Music: Bump-Rehab

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2002 Dodge Neon Poor IDLE Faulty PCV Valve Oil in Intake How to Fix
Replace the PCV valve with the brand new one!!! On this vehicle, you will need a ratchet and a 24 MM deep socket to perform this labor.. When replacing, make sure you get the right part number, because as simple as it looks, each valve has a flow rating to match each individual engine/car. A bad PCV valve can cause oil to blow onto air filter element. Also: Oil begins to be pumped into the air intake tube through the breather hose, upstream of the throttle plate. Oil runs down the intake tube into the throttle body. Oil sludges up the throttle body and throttle plate. With time oil drips into intake manifold runners you can see this in this video!!! This could result in poor idle. Besides that, depends on the vehicle, you also can have following problems: Increased engine oil consumption. Idle can be normal, but may run slightly rough. Engine power would sometimes surge, especially with the A/C turned on. In some cases, fuel consumption will increase.

How to replace lower right motor mount Dodge and Plymouth Neon 2000-2005
In this video I am replacing the right lower motor mount on my 2001 Dodge noeon

Solar Yellow Dodge Neon SRT-4: "$poolin"
This a re-upload since youtube copyrighted and messed up the previous video. I present to you today one of the cleanest srt4's I have came across. My buddy Trevor is the owner of this car. The Exhaust tone along with the turbo spool is crazy! Running 110 octane, with mods like cams, Exhaust, etc.) The engine is so clean you could probably eat of it, but unfortunately I forgot to get footage of it. Enjoy! Channel: Vlogs: Featured Rides: Car events:

How To Replace a Starter on 2002 Dodge Neon
Starter is mounted on two 15 mm bolts... you can remove him from the bottom...