My 1993 short bed V8 S10

Just went for a little ride. lol

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1993 S10-V8 Test Drive 0240
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s10 v8 launch - no traction
my truck starting off from a dead stop, need more traction!

'87 LT1 S10 test drive
My brother claimed first ride in my S10 project. He opted to go before it was finished. This was a quick trip around the neighborhood in my work in progress. 2nd gear is grinding, high idle issue to work out. The power steering pump decided to puke fluid everywhere. 1996 Z28SS LT1 mated to an NV3500 5speed. Disc brakes all around with cross drilled and slotted rotors. ZQ8 suspension fitted to first gen frame.

Bad ass v8 s10
New cam, rings, seals, bored 60 over, new headers......Not bad for an Arkansas shade-tree truck!!!