Irwindale 2010 Drag Racing.wmv

A Huge turnout for Hector Urias Memorial. A lot of Vee Dubs racing V8's, just a perfect turnout. R.I.P. Hector!

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Drag Day March 2014
Burn out and launch

fastest fokker VW pass
fast VW at the Irwindale 1/8th mile

Drag Day March 14, 2010 Irwindale 008
Drag Day 2010 at Irwindale Dragstrip. Lots of racers, swappers and show cars! Always nice to be there!

Urias Racing Tribute - Las Vegas 2010
In Loving Memory of Hector Urias, 9/16/1962 - 9/07/2010. Pro Mod V-Dub Racer who'll Always be in Our Hearts and Never Forgotten! God Speed Hector Urias