Ford Fiesta 4WD Cosworth Turbo 12.7 @ 107 mph

Ford Fiesta - Cosworth turbo Powered - Santa Pod Raceway - Central RS Day Like the Facebook Page - Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Instagram -

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Matt Smith of Team Extreme runs a genuine Ford Escort Cosworth but with a Twin turbo Chevrolet V8 under the hood and it's street legal too! Filmed at Santa Pod Raceway in England. Like the Facebook Page - Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Instagram -

Fiesta Cosworth 4x4 On the Dyno at Motorsport Developments In Blackpool Lancashire
A customers Fiesta Cosworth 4x4 in for live mapping with ALS and LC on our 4wd Dyno Dynamics Dynotech Rolling Road Chassis Dyno at Motorsport Developments in Blackpool, Lancashire. Housed in its own virtually soundproof custom Dyno cell with enough cooling airflow to turn the entire cell over with fresh air every 4 seconds as well as dedicated engine cooling, Exhausts extraction and cell extraction systems, there is no better Dyno for your car in the UK.

Ford Fiesta RS with Mitsubishi Evo Mechanic // 650Hp/950Kg 4wd Monster
Marek Rybnicek races one of the most extreme versions of the popular Fiesta RS WRC, having the particularity of using the Mechanics (engine and Transmission) of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. With the car being constantly evolved, we see it here on its 2017 version with 650Hp, over 800Nm of torque and weighing around 950Kg. One of the fastest Monsters on Touring Car Class in Europe.

Zetec Turbo Mk2 Fiesta runs in the 10s!
Michael Clarke's Zetec turbo Mk2 Ford Fiesta runs in the 10s at Central Day 2016, This Fiesta is in early stages of testing and will only get quicker! You can also find me on... Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -