Ford bronco before summit racing shorty headers


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Header Install
Got the new headers, gaskets, and new Autolite China plugs!

One bad bronco
1995 Ford Bronco, 427w with coastal high performance stroker kit, probe industries hydraulic roller cam, air flow research 225cc heads, trickflow box r intake, and stock throttle body lol.

95 F150 shorty to long tube header swap
Buy full lgnth ceramic headers HERE -- Installed shorty Flowtech headers from Summit racing and noticed a loss of torque, combined with larger Exhaust tube diameter... So I thought I would share a few of my thoughts on the benefits of longtubes...and Pipe diameters

Bronco 302 w/ Bassani Headers
94 Bronco 302 w/ Bassani Headers and Hooker Aerochamber. 3in all the way.