OUK Cam - Rover 827 Si Vid 1

Testing my new car camera

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My 1987 Rover Sterling - on the road for the first time in Seven years
New brakes, full service and a fresh MOT, the first journey in seven years!

rover 827si 1995

rover 827 unstable ticking over Honda prelude
any ideas? help please

How to Remove Fuel Filler Pipe. Petrol Filler Neck Removal/Replacement. Rover 800 820 825 827
How to Remove the Fuel Filler Pipes on a Rover 800. To Make a Replacement see here; http://youtu.be/2ISLSsL2vXE They rust to bits and are no longer available to buy new! (Warning: Petrol is Highly Flammable. Please disconnect the car's battery and drain the fuel tank before disconnecting any pipework. NO Smoking & Keep away from all sources of ignition, thanks.)