How To Install LED Tail Lights in 1979 -1981 Trans Am

Install How To Video for new LED tail Lights for your 1979 - 1981 Trans Am and Firebird. Ms Heather and Yancey walk you through step by step the installation of these new sequential LED tail light conversion kits! ORDER YOUR KIT TODAY HERE: 1979 - 1981 Trans Am 1974 - 1978 Trans Am Tech Questions? Call us: 716 258 2065

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Custom Z Tail Lights
Could have taken a week to delicately create these taillights but had to make the shoot happen in one evening! Ask questions in the comments! I will answer as many as I can that were NOT answered in the video! Like? Share to drifty buddies? Sub? Get mad and dislike? Thanks! Instagram: @PNWGarage (For More Pics of the Tail Lights!) @AndrewShaPhoto (Thank You for coming out to film!!) - Facebook: - Music: (All Credit To The Creators) Krys Talk & Cole Sipe - Way Back Home NCS Release Arc North X DJ Rival - Short Story (Daylight pt.2)

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Passat 3BG led tail lights
Hi there, this is my new/last project. I decided to convert my Passat 3BG tail lights to LED :o) For that I bought a couple of used tail lights in eBay (59€) plus 500 leds (300 red + 200 yellow) also in eBay, by around 50€. Locally I bought also pre-drilled fibre PCB and small material such as resistors and sillicon to glue the PCBs to the light. This is a video showing the result