Rich Evans Challenger

The Rich Evans Challenger takes center stage at the Mopar booth at SEMA 2010.

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Rich Evans has a Vietnam flashback
When I first saw this episode of Best of the Worst this is the first thing that came to my mind. Well I finally got around to making an edit of it, and I hope you guys like it. Clips taken from: Best of the Worst Episode 37 Richard Edlund vs his sons Platoon(1986)

2010 Rich Evans Dodge Challenger at SEMA
Mopar said it was out to do special things at this SEMA, and the evidence has been plentiful. Yet more proof of its urge to make a splash came with this, a Mopar Challenger effort with Rich Evans Design. In case you're not familiar with Evans' work, he's best known here for the love he once lavished on a Mustang a few years back. It is clear in his Challenger build that he saved some of his love just for this moment. Have a look at the Mustang and then glance back at the Challenger -- you'll recognize some old friends in places like the rear wing, side skirts, hood scoop and front splitter. And although it was given a place on a turntable in a highly visible corner, while the Challenger 392 and Charger Redline Concept sucked it up on the floor, this one won't be garnering any dubious awards.