1976 British GP. Brambilla and Peterson on March 761 - Two wheels flying overtake

I have finded this series of pictures and I want to share it. Please, if you have some information about that overtake tell me, ok?

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F1 Monaco GP 1975
The Monaco GP of 1975 began under rain conditions. Winner: Niki Lauda (Ferrari) - his race and the celebrations after the victory. Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, congratulates the Austrian.

Montjuic 1975 F1 Grand Prix
Montjuic 1975 F1 Grand Prix

Senna's tough row with Schumacher
The very angry Senna's quarreling with Schumacher after the German put him out of the race. Senna (heatedly) to Schumacher :

Ayrton Senna car control example
Quick reflexes, superior track position and reading the conditions before encountering them (than just reacting to them as Alesi and Nannini did) can save your race!