Russian Mafia In Kiev! On Phantom Rolls Royce.

Russian Mafia on Phantom Rolls Royce In Kiev!

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How different countries react to: Ambulance Sirens (international)
Because of the huge response this video archived I will keep uploading videos in this style on to this channel. Feel free to subscribe if you would look forward to more of those. (Absolutely not begging :^) ) Sources: Ardi Iwan: Ardi Iwan: Doug Gordon: ActorVarunPruthi: badwolf1050: Japan Online: EmergencyPL: (It's obvious that some of these barely can be compared to each other.)

Barack Obama VS Vladimir Putin Style
watch the security cool personality body language --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Like Share Subscribe --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Music 1 - NOAX & Calli Boom - Focused link - Music 2 - Take/Five & Curfew - Kalahari link -

Mafia Car Collection
All mafia cars Rolls Royce Mercedes BMW Bentley Landrover --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Music - Skan & Krale - No Glory (feat. M.I.M.E & Drama B)

Hollywood stars shocked by Singapore car prices
From Vin Diesel to Luke Evans, Michelle Rodrigeuz and Gina Carano, the cast members of action flick Fast & Furious 6 are all no strangers to racing cars in the movie series. But how good are they at guessing the crazy car prices in Singapore? John Lui reports from Manila.