Beautiful Blonde in a Lexus LFA - Incredible Sound!

Lexus LFA with a beautiful blonde! The sound from this car really is incredible. Sorry I cut the top of her head off, I was rushed. Check out HTC Facebook HPD Facebook: Twitter: Fan Page:

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2013 Ferrari 458 Horror crash at Suzuka
Happened a few weeks ago, but wow this crash was bad. As seen on Facebook:

Sexy Turbo Mustang
Taking a ride in a turbo Mustang. I know the car isn't going very fast but she freaks out easily, the next car will be scary. These videos will get better, I've just been testing to see if the cars and girls thing would catch on. Don't worry, the cars will get much faster. Follow Gisele: Check out Follow us on Facebook

Goodwood Festival of Speed co drive Lexus LFA
Gazoo Racing Driver Takayuki Kinoshita drives Olivia up the world famous Goodwood Hillclimb in the Lexus LFA Supercar

美女絶叫!レクサスLFAドリフト Exclamation! Lexus LFA drift
ドリフトD1史上最悪のクラッシュ! Crash of D1GP worst ever レクサスの最高級スポーツカーLFA. このクルマでD1イメージガールの小林と鈴木がドリフ 体験 ドライバーはなんとLFA開発ドライバー飯田章! 果たして本当にドリフトできるのか? 3700万円ドリフトだ! LFA sports car LEXUS's finest. Kobayashi and Suzuki D1 image girl experience drift in this car The driver Akira Iida how! Do you really really can drift? It is 37 million yen drift!