Twin Turbo 383 '71 Nova

Chevy 383 in a '71 Nova with twin Precision T-61 turbos, the parts list is in the video. The Intercooler is not hooked into the intake system in the video for simplicity reasons. Enjoy!

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First 1/8th Passes 1990 Mustang BBC
First time the Mustang has been to the track. It's got more in it yet and wheel spin was a major issue, but like the video says nothing fell off and the driver survived so all things considered I'd call it a success.

'71 Nova 383 Twin Turbo 2012
Proof of concept for the twin turbo Nova myself and many other have been working on for a few years, despite the best efforts of MSD and various other vendors it runs and builds Boost. Stuck at 4.9psi in this video but all the electronics worked as advertised and never missed a beat. It may not be pretty but it does what it was intended to do. No rest for the wicked.

World of Tanks M18 Hellcat Sand River Assault
This video was taken using my M18 Hellcat on Sand River. In my commentary I tried to outline some adavantages and disadvantages of this tank as well as the strategies I like to use. I really enjoyed making this video and I look forward to adding more.

'90 Fox Mustang Drag Car BBC Startup
Recently acquired project that I have been working on, car is a '90 Fox with a BBC between the fenders backed by a 'glide and a Strange 9". Chassis was done by Suncoast a few years back and it now carries a 25.5 certification. Aerospace brakes up front with an AJE K-Member, A-Frames, and QA1 struts. Rear suspension is all AJE and QA1 DA shocks and Wilwood brakes. Wheels are Weld Pro-Stars, rear tires are 295 DRs. Uncorked headers in this video, Super 10s on the street.