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Getting My NA Back Into Shape: Front Yard Body Shop

In case you are wondering where my 1990 NA6C Miata's been lately, it got into a traffic accident on May 8th, when my Miata collided with a Land Rover after I was cut off near an intersection. Damage was mainly limited to the bodywork and a bent tie rod. I was found to be not at fault for the accident by an insurance investigation. Unfortunately, the other driver's insurance considered my Miata a total loss. However, to me, it isn't. Since I already got my insurance check and I wanted to keep my Miata to transform it into a real racing car, I'm saving money for the bodywork by trying an old Spec Miata trick, wenching the body back into shape and banging out the dents myself, along with help, of course.


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Miata makeover.... Creation Of The Shadow
After bying a Miata 1.8 from 1997 giving it a new long lasting life :-)

RSpeed Miata Shop Talk #2
Hector talks to us today about the Miata top and things to watchout for when replacing.

How Mike broke my Miata!
My Miata died at VCMC #2, Mike was driving so I blame it all on him.

Frame Bangin' Miata | StanceNation
This is Morocco's absolutely slammed NA miata on Work Meister wheels. Check out the StanceNation feature linked below to find out more! EXTRA FOOTAGE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk1bFqGvZR8 Feature: http://www.stancenation.com/2013/02/03/oem-moroccos-frame-bangin-miata/ Like: https://www.facebook.com/SuggFilms Follow: http://instagram.com/sugg_films Intro Song: http://soundcloud.com/mikedbeatsbyd/scarlett-johansson-freee Main Song: http://soundcloud.com/sovereign-beats/alone-prod-by-juggernaut

V8 Miata startup & idle (Wreck Racing / Georgia Tech)
The Lexus V8 is running beautifully. The bodywork is still under construction. Front fenders are overrated! They also don't fit over these particular tires. Follow our build at wreckracing.gatech.edu or like us on facebook by searching "Georgia Tech Wreck Racing"!

68 Chevrolet Camaro Overhaul, Part 1
Had the car since 2005, finally got round to getting it in my mates body shop and getting it sorted out, it only went in to have a respray, but found it needed more and turned into more work than i thought. But hey, it's all good because it makes the car all that much better in the long run

miata Laguna Seca near crash
Bob's Donut and CityTech track day 7/8/12, close call with a fellow driver. 1990 miata Salvage title 267k original engine/tranny. Exady oem replacement clutch JR Intake Tokico blue Tein s spring FM sway bar F/R OS Gekin 2way LSD 205-50-15 Toyo RA1 song's by Motorcycle -As The Rush Comes.

Danny drives my NB Miata on GMR - gopro high mount POV
Danny driving my NB Miata. Gopro mounted on a custom rig (made from $15). Shot @ Glendora Mountain Road.

SuperMiata: Round 1 - Race 3 (1/26/2014)
After a 10-minute red flag during Lap 1, we restarted the race. I started near the back per SuperMiata race format (finishing positions from the previous race, Race 2, will be reversed for the next race, this one). Tactical errors caused me to lose both William and Emilio to get to the front, but I eventually broke through the slower cars. Then again, it ended up being a dogfight with William, but this time, he ends up ahead. I finished 3rd, William 2nd, Emilio 1st.

How you shouldn't roll a miata fender.
Needed to slightly roll the fenders on my NA Miata, Not paying $200+ for a roller. This way worked fine for me, no more rubbing & looks fine. Did all 4 corners, turned out decent enough. Cost: $5 for 4loko and monster. Everything else I had at my house. I don't advise doing it this way. Its not very safe, might shank yourself.

SuperMiata: Round 3 - Race 2 @ Chuckwalla (3/23/2014)
A full 20-minute sprint race. Started dead last (P12) since I switched cars from Race 1 ("Monty" was down due to a dead fuel injector) and took Emilio's place in this race. In spite of "Super" having a throttle response issue, it was a world better than driving "Monty" with its dead injector issue. I slowly pushed through the field from P12 to P4, with an exciting end for a battle for P3. Thanks to Emilio for allowing me to drive "Super" for this race.

Testing a Friend's Camry Around SoW (4/30/2011)
Yes, I took a mommy grocery-getter around a racetrack. And yes, it has the normal V6 1MZ engine with a OEM TRD Supercharger puttting down 240whp (270hp at the flywheel), TEIN Super Street coilovers, some 225-wide KDW2 tires on some 16" wheels and had the benchseats removed (where the kids would normally go), but it managed a 1:35.9 (with another passenger) around the track with me driving earlier in the day. I wished I got it on film along with the 1:35.9 lap, but there was footage of me getting pointed-by by BMW and Lotus drivers. Makes me wonder what those drivers were thinking as the Camry shuffled past them. Track: The Streets of Willow Springs (CW w/ Blowpass and Bowl)

1990 Miata FOR SALE
Pretty much finished with my project car. Info on the car: 1990 Mazda Miata, VIN# JM1NA3516L0140497. Car was given to me by the original owner. The body damage came from a parking lot scrape against a wall. The door dings were from a falling object in the carport where the vehicle was stored. Bumper was painted on 3/20/12 but I haven't shot video of it yet. If you haven't seen the rest of the series, here is a list of parts that have been replaced during the restoration. Battery Fuel Tank fuel pump fuel filter fuel pressure regulator fuel rail fuel injectors Ignition coils plugs wires air filter Brake pads (front and rear) rotors (front and rear) calipers (rear) Timing Belt idler pulley harmonic balancer water pump cam seals All belts AC compressor drier expansion valve high & low side valves converted to R-134a 2 new tires (rear) new soft top. On ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/140735019197#ht_700wt_1161 Starting at: 2000. Buy now at 3300.

Mazda Miata Turned BMW Z9
This is what happens when a backyard mechanic tries to create a one off car that was originally a concept... Pictures were found at www.obsession2speed.com

Mark Hicks driving my Miata around Road Atlanta
Mark gets around the track pretty well in my car with an impressive time of 1:48.34. Mods include Tein Flex 10/7kg coilovers, Racing Beat hollow front anti-sway bar, 949 Racing 15x8" 6UL wheels with 205/50/15 Hoosier R6 tires, Fuji Racing header and CM Muffler Exhaust.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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