Getting My NA Back Into Shape: Front Yard Body Shop

In case you are wondering where my 1990 NA6C Miata's been lately, it got into a traffic accident on May 8th, when my Miata collided with a Land Rover after I was cut off near an intersection. Damage was mainly limited to the bodywork and a bent tie rod. I was found to be not at fault for the accident by an insurance investigation. Unfortunately, the other driver's insurance considered my Miata a total loss. However, to me, it isn't. Since I already got my insurance check and I wanted to keep my Miata to transform it into a real racing car, I'm saving money for the bodywork by trying an old Spec Miata trick, wenching the body back into shape and banging out the dents myself, along with help, of course.

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Mazda Miata Body Removal
Some friends and I pulled the body off of my 1990 Mazda Miata to get it ready for the MEV Exocet kit. I suction cupped my GoPro camera to the bed of my truck and we went to work.

Building a MEV Exocet is easy. Stuart Mills takes off an MX5 body to then bolt on the stiff lightweight MEV chassis and build the car for only £2000. See how on

Mazda Miata pulling out of the garage
My brothers 1990 Mazda Miata pulling out of the garage!

andy's auto in cali sold me this body kit (miata) pt1
this is what they sold me and would not take back. only 1 side out of 4 fit. this is not my first body kit. minor body work is one thing but this is to much. when i called they said it was hand made and comes like that. if hand made was on the site i would not have brought it. customer service is a joke with them. beware of these guys