Team Carbeque SAAB 900 Utterly Dominates LeMons at Road America

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Wheeler Dealers SAAB 900 Turbo
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Road America LeMons race, August 2012, Ryan Roberson racing Emanuele Pirro
Skid Marks Racing #56 Neon What a great time! This is the video of the last 20 minutes of SMR's first stint, and we're in P1 at this time (dropped to 6th after the pit stop). First time I get around him at around 6:03 after Pirro picks the wrong side to pass a slower car. I didn't know it at the time, but the guy driving the white Porsche is none other than Emanuele Pirro, 5X 24 Hours of LeMans winner, and ex-F1 driver! When I got back to the pits after this stint, I told the guys on my team that I didn't know who was driving the Porsche, but they were really good (primarily because he held it together in T1 on lap 26 8:45; the video doesn't do it justice!). Little did I know.......

A Very Rare Saab Sports Car Lost In The Woods!!
A hot tip on a lost Saab Sonett left to rot in the woods leads to a half buried treasure!

Track test: Saab 900 turbo
Historic racing: the Saab 900 turbo pushes hard on the track test