King Ranch Draggin!

2008 King Ranch From desTRUCKtion doing it BIG in Houston, Tejas

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desTRUCKtion Dragging!
King Ranch and Mando Draggin!

unas dela trokas de rgvt

King Ranch Leather Reconditioning
First step was to clean the leather with some leather cleaners (tried different kinds with different results). Secondly, the most damaged parts were sanded with 800 grade sand paper (gently since the leather is thin in worn places). Thirdly, applied the conditioner (picked up in a local equestrian store). During application, the leather became very soft and some of the seams frayed- which was my fault since I wasn't paying attention. The rip (visible in the picture) wasn't there before. Applied three heavy coats, the first coat soaked the leather. Called a few specialized shops around to do the job, but nobody wanted to take it so I had to do it myself!!!

tex mex cut.wmv