Yamaha RD400 Daytona Special

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RSD "2 Stroke Attack" RD400/TZ250
Roland has always wanted to jam a 2 stroke street motor into one of his race bikes. Thanks to Born Free 7, he got to make that happen! Powered by a 1974 vintage Yamaha RD 400 motor wedged into a 1997 TZ 250 chassis the bike promised to be interesting. Sourcing parts from the shelves of Team Roberts Grand Prix race bikes as well as Roland’s own stock pile of TZ 250 GP bits the machine’s racing heritage grew into a bike that balanced the custom world with that of GP racing. Fast, incredibly light and good handling the RDTZ is a blast from the past and a look into the future of what custom bikes can be. All fab and build were done by Roland and the team at RSD including Aaron Boss and Scotty Diminick. Check out www.rolandsands.com for more information! Music by: Benj Heard - Whatever Doesn't Kill Me (Better Run) Directed and edited by: Joseph Hitzelberger Filmed by: Nik Wogen Fabricators: Roland Sands, Aaron Boss, Scotty Dimick Rider and Project Manager: Cameron Brewer

RD500 Dynojet

RD400 F Daytona Special

1977 RD400 first start