chevy cobalt Vs. Honda Prelude 2nd race

win again but bad start...

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chevy colbalt Vs. eclipse
SS auto cobalt.. not supercharged... Vs eclipse GS wit aem intake.. cobalt wins..

chevy colbalt Vs. eclipse end of third race
street race.. i win

chevy colbalt Vs. eclipse part 2
same race 2nd part

2000 Honda Prelude - One Take
The Honda Prelude was a sporty alternative to the Civic or Accord for four generations in the 1980's through 2000's. With a 200 HP Inline four, crisp manual gearbox, handsome styling, and a well-earned reputation for reliability, these cars were well worth the money when new, and even more so today on the used market. This stock example reminds us why a Prelude is a great first all-rounder.