Ford - SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad

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How to Use the Ford Keypad Entry
A quick 3 minute overview of how to get your keypad code for your Ford vehicle, use the keypad to open your doors and trunk, lock the vehicle, and program or reset your own key code.

Keyless Entry Kepad Code: How To Find Your Keyless Entry Code Under 30 Seconds
Charlie Rogers Ford's General Mgr. Casey Pendleton illustrates how to find your keyless entry keypad code in less than 30 seconds.

Quick How To: Ford Keypad Programming and Tricks
YOUR KEY CODE CAN BE PULLED AT A DEALER FOR A FEE OR IF YOU GOOGLE SEARCH YOUR SPECIFIC VEHICLE, MANY OF THEM HAVE THE CODE HIDDEN SOMEWHERE IN THE CAR USUALLY BEHIND A PANEL OR UNDER SOMETHING With the touch pad on the Ford vehicles you can lock you keys in your vehicle when you are not wanting to take them with you. You can also program in your own personal pin, as well as latch that pin to a memory setting. With this every time you unlock the vehicle with your PIN all your memory control features will move to the desired position.

SecuriCode™ Keypad
The SecuriCode keypad allows you to simply enter a security code to gain access to your vehicle. This video shows how it works, including how to enter your personal security number. For more information go to *Your vehicle may or may not be quipped with this feature.