T&R Racing With Yossi and Tony , Evo vs evo vs rx8 vs 350z vs rx7 Drag Racing

3rd Annual Supra Vs 7 Vs Z Vs AWD @ Island Drag, NJ I took second place with a stock 2012 Evo !

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Rx7 vs Rx8 - Tsukuba 5 laps Battle

T&R Racing "The Beast" 9 Second street legal rx7
Tony's 9 second street legal 1993 mazda rx7. Address: 145-56 Allendale St, New York, NY 11433 Phone:(718) 725-0179

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20B RX-7 vs GTR R35 - First run in RX-7
Drag race between brothers gets intense as Rob and Kevin duke it out on the drag strip. Rob recent purchased a 20b RX-7 and has never driven it on the strip. Will he beat the 504 HP 2010 GTR? Filming style courtesy of ABC's The Bachelorette. lol