Truck-Lite LED Headlight Installation & Comparison - Installing Truck-Lite LED headlights is very straightforward; they install just like normal headlights! Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to install a Truck-Lite LED headlight, and don't miss the end of the video where we show the difference between the LED lights and various other lights on the market. Request Your Free Jeep Parts Catalog from 4WD: 1. Remove the outer bezel 2. Remove retaining ring (There are 4 screws to remove) 3. Remove light from housing 4. LED light uses an H4 connection. Attach LED light to OEM plug 5. Reinstall retaining ring 6. Reinstall trim ring 7. Test lights Find these Truck-Lite LED headlights and more at

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7 Inch Round Led Headlight Sealed Beam

Truck-Lite 27270C Demo and Review (7 Inch Round LED Headlights Shootout 7 of 12)
7" Round LED Headlight Housings: In this video Chris continues the video series all about 7 inch round LED headlights. He reviews 11 of the most popular led headlights. Watch the entire video series to know about the best possible lights available. This video is reviewing the Truck-Lite 27270C 7 inch round led headlight.

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Homemade 500 LED extreme flashlight. I made this flashlight back in 2008, of course LED technology has much improved over the years. But it still outputs around 3250 lumens! Around 45 watt of LED power, don't underestimate it, despite his age :) Sorry for the lack of music or voice over. I never expected this video to go viral, And I cannot update the video to make it better. I created a new extreme flashlight that will be uploaded soon, a high quality video with 3D animations, music and voiceover. Subscribe so you won't miss my latest creation. Check for more info

Which 7 Inch Round LED Headlight Is Best? (7 Inch Round LED headlight Shootout 12 of 12) So which 7 inch round LED headlight is best? Watch this video to get comparison charts and to make that decision for yourself. We compared 11 different 7 Inch led headlights that are available to date and you can watch the rest of the video series to find out more about each particular headlight.