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Truck-Lite LED Headlight Installation & Comparison

http://www.4wd.com/Jeep-Lighting-Jeep-Lighting-Accessories/7-Round-LED-Headlamp-by-Truck-Lite-for-Jeep.aspx?t_c=14&t_s=67&t_pt=4730&t_pl=104441&t_pn=POI27250C - Installing Truck-Lite LED headlights is very straightforward; they install just like normal headlights! Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to install a Truck-Lite LED headlight, and don't miss the end of the video where we show the difference between the LED lights and various other lights on the market. Request Your Free Jeep Parts Catalog from 4WD: http://jo.my/4wd_jeep_parts_catalog 1. Remove the outer bezel 2. Remove retaining ring (There are 4 screws to remove) 3. Remove light from housing 4. LED light uses an H4 connection. Attach LED light to OEM plug 5. Reinstall retaining ring 6. Reinstall trim ring 7. Test lights Find these Truck-Lite LED headlights and more at www.4WD.com.


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Rigid Industries - Dually LED Jeep Lighting - Jeep Offroad Lighting
Rigid Industries - Dually LED Jeep Lighting - Jeep Offroad Lighting Purchase this product or get more information: http://jo.my/4wdrigidduallyledlights Rigid's Dually LED Lights are the ultimate in versatility, economy, light output to power draw and toughness. This LED light measures in at a compact 3 inches by 3 inches, but don't let the size fool you. These little bad boys put out 1300 lumens of light (that's a lot) and draw only 15 watts of power. That's around half of what your rig's turn signals draw. Take all this and add the fact that Rigid's Dually LEDs can take punishment unlike any other light on the market, and you have the ultimate offroad light. You can mount these almost anywhere and Rigid offers the mounting hardware to do just that. Dually LEDs are perfect for ATVs, UTVs, Dirt Bikes, Trailers, Jeeps, Trucks, Personal Watercraft, Boats or anywhere else you need an affordable, tough, compact light that has a high lumen output and low power draw. Request Your Free Jeep Parts Catalog from 4WD: http://jo.my/4wd_jeep_parts_catalog Learn what's included when you purchase Rigid's Dually LED Light Kit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rV2HIOIn9w&feature=youtu.be#t=0m04s See what beam patterns and colors the Rigid Dually LED Light is available in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rV2HIOIn9w&feature=youtu.be#t=0m10s See the Rigid Dually LED light in action out on the trail http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rV2HIOIn9w&feature=youtu.be#t=0m19s See just how tough Rigid's Dually LED Lights are. You will witness torture, it's not for the faint of heart, parental supervision is advised! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rV2HIOIn9w&feature=youtu.be#t=0m28s These lights are made where? AMERICA, THAT'S WHERE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rV2HIOIn9w&feature=youtu.be#t=1m00s See other quality lighting products offered by Rigid Industries SEE RIGID'S E-SERIES LED LIGHT BARS Purchase this product or get more information: http://jo.my/4wdrigideseriesledlightbars SEE RIGID'S VAST ASSORTMENT OF MOUNTING SYSTEMS Purchase this product or get more information: http://jo.my/4wdrigidmountingsystems SEE RIGID'S LED LIGHT FILTERS, STONE SHIELDS AND COVERS Purchase this product or get more information: http://jo.my/4wdrigidfiltershieldscovers SEE RIGID'S SECURITY LOCKS FOR PROTECTING YOUR LIGHTING INVESTMENT Purchase this product or get more information: http://jo.my/4wdrigidsecuritylocknuts CHECK OUT RIGID'S HIGH QUALITY HALO RECHARGABLE LED FLASHLIGHT Purchase this product or get more information: http://jo.my/4wdrigidhaloflashlight IN THIS VIDEO In this video Don shows how tough, economical and bright Rigid's Dually LED Lights are. THIS PRODUCT WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: RIGID INDUSTRIES CHECK OUT OTHER FINE PRODUCTS BY THIS MANUFACTURER http://jo.my/4wdrigidlandingpage ABOUT 4WD 4Wheel Drive Hardware (4WD) is the leading mail order and Internet distributor of Jeep parts and accessories. As a division of Transamerican Auto Parts, 4WD is headquartered in Columbiana, Ohio. Visit 4WD online: http://www.4wd.com Team4WheelParts Blog: http://www.team4wheelparts.com/ 4WD Youtube Channel: http://jot.my/4wdyt Follow 4WD on Twitter: http://jot.my/4wdyt Like 4WD on Facebook: http://jot.my/4wdfb Call 4WD toll free: 800-913-8594

How to Install a Bestop Bikini Jeep Top on a TJ Wrangler
http://www.4wd.com/Jeep-Tops-Jeep-Top-Accessories/Bestop-Bikini-Tops-for-Je ep.aspx?t_c=75&t_s=441&t_pt=5570&t_pl=101198 - If you're looking to install a Jeep soft top, bikini tops are a popular choice. Overall, it's a pretty straightforward install. Check it out as our 4WD experts install a Bestop Bikini Jeep top on a Jeep TJ Wrangler. Request Your Free Jeep Parts Catalog from 4WD: http://jo.my/4wd_jeep_parts_catalog 1. If possible, lay the bikini Jeep top in the sun to allow the fabric to stretch. This makes installation much easier. 2. Install header channel. 3. IMPORTANT: Do not overtighten bolts. Overtightening will strip nutserts. 4. Install bikini into header channel 5. Install center strap and loosely fasten 6. Make sure that the bikini has not come out of the header 7. Install rear fasteners and tighten 8. Tighten center strap completely 9. If using bikini with OEM door surrounds, the top can be latched to the surround. 10. If not using door surrounds, attach with Velcro closures and you're done! Find a great selection of bikini Jeep tops at www.4WD.com.

Jeep Lift Kits Winner: Installing a Rubicon Express Suspension
http://www.4wd.com/Jeep-Lift-Kits-Jeep-Lift-Kits-Suspension.aspx?t_c=1 - You voted and the winning Jeep lift kit is the Rubicon Express suspension system. The Rubicon lift kit barely squeaked by the Pro Comp lift kit - only 1% separated them. Now take a peak as we install this Rubicon Express lift kit on our 2010 Jeep JK and take this ride to the next level. Request Your Free Jeep Parts Catalog from 4WD: http://jo.my/4wd_jeep_parts_catalog This contest has now ended but stay tuned for more great contests from 4WDJeepGiveaway.com.

Bestop Fuel Door - Installation Guide
http://www.4wd.com/Jeep-Exterior-Parts-Accessories/Bestop-HighRock-4X4-Fuel -Door.aspx?t_c=3&t_s=21&t_pt=4085&t_pl=100868 - As a bonus to this month's vote we've also decided to install the Bestop fuel door on our 2010 Jeep JK. Not only are these Jeep accessories incredibly sleek, but they'll also hold up to the nicks and bumps of off-roading much better than factory fuel doors. Get your Bestop fuel door at www.4WD.com. Request Your Free Jeep Parts Catalog from 4WD: http://jo.my/4wd_jeep_parts_catalog This contest has now ended but stay tuned for more great contests from 4WDJeepGiveaway.com.

Truck-Lite 27270C 7" Round LED Headlight Review and Demo
For more information, pictures and prices on this headlight click here: http://www.tlg-auto.com/Truck_Lite_7_Round_Reflector_LED_Lamp_p/5010710.htm This new reflector style headlight from Truck-Lite has become the favorite low-cost leader in the LED headlight market, and it's a great "bang for the buck"! It's high quality and offers better lighting than any stock 7" round headlight.

JW Speaker 8700 7" Round LED Headlight Review and Demonstration
For more information, pictures and pricing, please visit this link: http://www.tlg-auto.com/product_p/led-8700.htm In this video we review the old style of JW Speaker's 7" round headlight housing, model #8700. We show you how it's packaged, the construction, the output and how it compares to another popular LED headlight. Brought to you by Top Line Group Automotive: www.TLG-Auto.com

Car LED Lights, featured by iJDMTOY.com
iJDMTOY.com was founded in 2004 and now it is one of the largest automotive LED lighting retailers in US, located in Los Angeles, California. We carry the most complete LED replacement bulbs for any cars, SUVs or trucks and wide selections of LED lighting accessories such as LED strip lights, LED daytime running lights, LED circuit board panel lights and LED fog lights. Here at iJDMTOY.com, we thrive to provide the best selection of automotive LED lights with the latest cutting edge technology to our customers worldwide. Being car enthusiasts ourselves, we understand that car is an important part of your life, here we will help you finding the best parts to make your car looks and rides better than everyone else. We will do our best to provide you with the best online and local shopping experience. Here at iJDMTOY.com, your satisfaction is our No.1 goal!

LED Project #2 - Step 06 - Gauge Face Installation
Step 06 of the LED Project #2 DVD - Gauge Face installation

LED Lighting by Kolpin
Brightest LED Lights with the Lowest Power Draw, Proudly Made in the USA by Kolpin! Our Dually lights are a convenient option for additional lighting for your ATV, UTV, Truck, boat or even RV. Absolutely best LED lights available with 50,000+ hour life expectancy. I recently replaced a pair of PIAA lights with your Dually Floods. All I can say is WOW!!! They blow away even the HID Warn lights I have on another UTV. Thank you. - Holland

100W HID The brightest road registered car in the world 82,000 Lumens
This is our GU Nissan Patrol fitted out with our lattest HID Xenon high performance driving light kits. 3 x Lightforce 240 Blitz on Bullbar 100W Xenon HID 4 x Hella 4000 Spread beams on roof 100W Xenon HID 2 x 70W HID H4 headlights by www.HID-Lightsdownunder.com Please note that this lighting set up is purely for demonstration purposes only. The roof lights are wired in only to operate in 4WD low range and cannot be operated on the road as not to blind people. This amount of light is actually too much for driving in any conditions and has only been added for the promotional side of our company as we do many 4WD shows at night. Please take this into consideration before leaving negative comments. All we wish to show is that one can have too much light

DIY Auto: Truck-Lite 27450C3 LED headlamp installation into 1990 Jeep Cherokee XJ.
I drove around for the last 20 years with crappy stock headlamps. Life brightened up with these Truck-Lite LED headlamps. Big improvement. Cost ... $500.

Bicycle 3 LED 12W 600LM Headlight with 4 Lighting Mode
Working voltage from 6V to 9V, easily mount on the handlebar of your bike.

How To Make Custom LED Angel Eyes Rings DIY
Diagram (all rights to dadovw ) : http://tinyurl.com/cfejkfa I am not the original owner of the video but i made some of them and i can give you many information on how to do it yourselves! A video showing how I created my custom LED angel eye rings. People has been asking me to make it for them, but sorry, I don't have time. I thought it would be helpful to put a video together. In this video, I also show how I did my reflective tape upgrade to the ring to make it brighter and stand out better. This simple little trick traps the otherwise lost light that would have escaped into the reflective bowl, causing irregular light pattern inside the headlamp which blends out the ring. It's not about having the brightess ring; it's about making it stand out and doing it cheap. LED is the way to go.

High power car LED.avi
This is a new style car LED light, with 4 pcs three chips LEDs, total power output is 6w, very bright compared with traditional 18 SMD LED light or other high power LED light, we solved the heat radiation, and make the light stable & reliable, with much better quality than traditional car LED lights. It is about 3 times brightness of the 18SMD LED light, in the video, shows a strobe type H11 18SMD light compared with our new style 6w light, you can find the difference. If you are interested in this kind of light, welcome you to visit our website: www.hidled.com for more details and more products.

Penske Truck Rental Installs Truck-Lite LED Headlights
Need more information? Call Penske at 1-855-234-6274 or visit: http://ow.ly/jsU7g Penske Truck Rental is the first commercial truck rental fleet to incorporate new cutting-edge custom LED headlights from Truck-Lite. These new Truck-Lite LED headlights were initially developed for military use and offer increased durability, visibility and safety for trucking fleets and truck drivers. Manufactured in the U.S.A., Truck-Lite's forward lighting technology is battlefield tough and tested on vehicles serving in the Iraqi and Afghan theater since 2007. Truck-Lite's custom LED forward lighting headlights offer improved truck driver visibility through its more natural light spectrum, leading to improved object recognition at night and increased daytime visibility. Truck-Lite's LED beam pattern also helps reduce eye-strain for drivers and harsh headlight glare to oncoming traffic. An additional benefit is a significant reduction in amperage draw on the vehicle's electrical system, freeing up power for other uses and resulting in a 50-times longer lighting system life than conventional halogen technology. Penske Truck Rental is installing these custom LED headlights in 5,000 semi-tractors within its commercial rental fleet. Penske also plans to offer these LED headlights as an option on its full-service truck leasing vehicles as well. This video was produced and provided to Penske courtesy of Truck-Lite.

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