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BGC11 Fan Trailer #2
Here it is! Finally a party scene where i don't think it's terrible lol. Let me know what you all think!

Bgc11 Miami Trailer

Btw,,,this is Fan-Made lol. Bad Girls Club Miami Season 11 Alternate Preview Sneak Peek Season Trailer. Original Cast: Jazmone, Sarah, Tiana, Teresa, Steph, Milyn & Tess. Replacements: GiGi, Shanae, Janelle, Benze, Hailey & Andrea. --------------------------------------------------------- anelle sarah vs the house unedited uncut extended GiGi jazmone tiana bgcasb 2 all stars christina red jonica replacements confirmed spoilers cast bgc12 Chicago reunion spoilers benze vs shanae milyn mimi vs sarah unedited sneak peek first look leaked opening fight hailee hailey andrea Stephanie steph vs shanae nae mona saone interview review full episode jumping viral popular stasi Erika mehgan james music video trill bitches gt4 I love lucci Natalie nunn bad girls club vevonicki minaj vma Christina gia victor twins stasi tiara sydney new Orleans miami mexico cabo las vegas chi town atl altanta bgcx bgc9 bgc10 bgc7 bgc8 bgc11 watch please tags trending most views ever bwet broke with expensive taste lady gaga azealia banks iggy azalea miley cyrus jaty perry beyonce

BGC11 Miami Fanmade Trailer
It's kinda shitty especially the BGC Heart part towards the end. This was a while back. Hope you guys like it, felt like uploading it lol