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Bad Girls Club 10 Super Trailer
BGC(X) Trailer F}O}L}L}O}W

BGC5/BGC11 Miami Trailer Mashup (HD)
Bad Girls Club Miami trailer mashup with season 5 and season 11.

Sarah Oliver Reaction to BGC 11 Miami Super Trailer
AND yes, that was me who got hit in the kitchen! Didn't remember that til the day after... It looked different cuz the video changed from color to blk & wht. I let every girl swing first before swinging back, I forgot she hit me in the jaw. I just remember her hitting me on my titty! lol That night, she iced her forehead, I iced my hand. No lie! Love you! Mwah! Sarah SO Oliver Follow me@sarahSOoliver My Mother @RoaringLizard and my DaDa\lindell.oliver @WildmanOliver

BGC11 - Trailer [Fan Made]
BGC11 - Trailer [Fan Made]