Parker Farms Corn Harvest 2011

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Harvest 2010
Harvest 2010 in Southwestern Wisconsin with a Case IH 7010 combine, Case IH Gold Signature Edition 305 Magnum, and a Brent 1194 Avalanche tracked grain cart. Harvesting corn and soybeans.

Parker Farms Wheat Harvest 2011

North Iowa Corn Harvest 2011
Combining Corn Near Bancroft, IA

2011 Harvest Wentworth Family Farms
Well, here it is: the 2011 Harvest video. 2011 will definitely go down into the books as a crazy year. It started out pretty great. In June, the crops were looking phenomenal......then, the rain stopped. Central Illinois barely received any rain from July-September. Adding to that obstacle, July and August saw hot days and warm nights. You'll see the yield monitor in parts of the video. We would get into some really good 200+ bushel/acre corn, then it would drop off to below 100 bu/ac, then right back up. We were very fortunate though to have a good time this year and a lot of fun making this video and taking pictures. Tom Petty said it best in this song....."It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down I had the radio on, I was drivin." So true. We are ready to relax this winter, do some traveling, and continue preparing for next year. I hope you enjoy the video and see you in 2012! TW