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TRUCKS! Project Hairy Hauler Jerald Rae
You guys remember this? Talk about old 16 years now WOW. This is a classic You're welcome This is the very first episode of project Hairy Hauler yeah from 2000. Enjoy guys more to come soon

#45 JSC DROPTAIL on TRUCKS TV Copperhead
Stacey David hears about new SEMA Award Winning product DROPTAIL and calls JSC Engineering to ask for one to put on his TV show "cause he thinks its a great new idea & very cool" (for free). (818) 878-0578

The V8 Interceptor Returns [S7 Ep.8-4]
Today on GEARZ, the V8 Interceptor is BACK and wearing a striking coat of glossy black paint! How did it happen? Well, Stacey walks you through the process and shows off the incredible paint and body work that was done by the Hot Rod Institute. From the subtle body nips and tucks, to the major fabrication of a new roof, this classic Cougar now has a straighter body than anything that may have rolled off the assembly line in 1967! But the paint is only half the story, as Stacey starts to re-assemble the car with bumpers, lights and engine, you start to get a good look at what is rapidly becoming the ultimate street predator! Part 4

Ladder Bar system & Test Drive [S3-Ep.5-3]
If you've been around cars and trucks very long, you know that vintage, nostalgia, and rat rods are very popular. The question is, how do you make a nostalgia-style car with leaf springs hook up like a modern drag car but not lose the vintage look? install a ladder bar system! But how do you keep the leaf springs from binding you ask? Ah...there is a special way to do it, and if you want to find out what it need to catch this episode of GearZ. Then it's out on the road to test it out as Stacey shows you just how much fun you can have with a nostalgia-style vehicle. Would somebody please bail him out of jail?!?!