Ice-T Murder Red Bentley - The OG himself Ice T and Coco come out to see the Bentley. Watch as Ice says "N.Y. I love you, but you can't paint cars!" Coco gives her approval and the Bentley heads to the paint booth. HARD Celebrity Projects HARD 3-D Images

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The Best Bentley in The US | Ice-T teaches us about cars
Credit: Ice-T and Onyx Concept Ice-T : Onyx concept :

Ice T talkin Raw about his ONYX Bentley GTO
ONYX Concept & Ice T talkin Raw about his Bentley GTO

Ice T Bentley Onyx Project Build Up 2012
Installed ONYX body kit on ICE-T's Bentley. Complete 3 stage paint job shown in time lapse (12hrs reduced to 2 minutes). Tommy Biro did all the fiberglass and body work and passed the car on to the paint shop. Fred Janson applied the three stage candy paint job using BASF's Carizzma paint line. Reassembling the bentley and installing the body kit was a collaboration between Tommy, Neil Forlastro, and Lucino Aurigon. Charlie Howell buffed the car to "A Marble", and gave it a final detailing. The Job was done at Premier Collision Centre in Danbury CT.

Ice Cube cars collection 2015.mp4
Ice Cube ICE CUBE ice cube ice CUBE ICE cube