Ice-T Murder Red Bentley - The OG himself Ice T and Coco come out to see the Bentley. Watch as Ice says "N.Y. I love you, but you can't paint cars!" Coco gives her approval and the Bentley heads to the paint booth. HARD Celebrity Projects HARD 3-D Images

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The Best Bentley in The US | Ice-T teaches us about cars
Credit: Ice-T and Onyx Concept Ice-T : Onyx concept :

ICE-T & ERNIE C of BODY COUNT Part 2: If Ice was a cop in real life, horror movies, more
iTunes: Merch: All music clips in this video are by Body Count: Eliott Fullam hangs with Ernie C & Ice-T at Will Putney's Graphic Nature Audio production studio in New Jersey and they have a great conversation about if they could haunt people, their fans, if Ice was a cop in real life, favorite horror movies, and more. This is part 2 of the original interview.

Ice Cube cars collection 2015.mp4
Ice Cube ICE CUBE ice cube ice CUBE ICE cube

Ice T talkin Raw about his ONYX Bentley GTO
ONYX Concept & Ice T talkin Raw about his Bentley GTO