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crown victoria 360 hp drag racing part 1 of 2

2004 p71. 4.6 38cc tfs track heat heads,stg 2 tfs cams,10.8:1 compression,MSD COPS,39lb injectors,90mm maf from a cobra,home made CAI,built bottom-end,vic jr intake,modded for stock fuel rails to fit.6061 plenum,UDPs,3.73 LSD,stainless works long tube headers with 3in x-pipe and pypes mufflers to dumps before axle,j-mod tranny,17in p71 06+ rims, 75mm thottlebody,170 temo stat,


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WOMAN Vs MAN Drag Race! 1971 Mach 1 Vs Cop Car (Crown Vic)
We have been arguing for a while now... who's car is the fastest! Jeff says his 1971 Mach 1 with a 351 in it is faster. But Heather says that her 2001 Crown Vic Police Interceptor is the faster! Also.... Jeff thinks men are better drivers than women! This video will give you a few answers to those questions!

crown victoria drag racing
lucky drag city erie pennsylvania. the track has no traction what so ever and it,s going downhill you have no idea

2004 Crown Victoria p71 with K&N intake kit
This is part two to my intake kit install. In this video, I will show you how my Vic sounds with the K&N intake installed. Compare the two and draw your own conclusions. *NOTE* After emailing K&N, I learned that they do not carry a kit for MY car. Excerpt from K&N's response: "Thank you for your interest in K&N products. Unfortunately, you have one of Fords famous Frankenstein vehicles. In the transition to the new body style in '04, they still used some of the engine components from the '03 model (Ford does this a lot when a new body style comes out). In these cases, you would essentially need a mixture of the '03 and '04 kit, which, unfortunately, doesn't exist." I am not quite sure, but, maybe not all 2004s are the same. Segment #1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v88B0IuSU-Q

Ford Crown Vic Drag Cop
Its always fun when Douglas County brings the drag car out too CSP "Take It To The Track" night at Bandimere. Not the best run of the night, but still an intimidating 11.79 seconds...Not too bad for a cop car

crown victoria vs acura drag racing
i ran a sorry 14.707@92 60:2.034 acura did 16.368@95 60; 2.6

2003 Ford Crown Vic P71 J-Mod comparison
This is my 2003 Ford Police Interceptor. The first clip is full throttle acceleration before the J-Mod, the second clip is full throttle after the J-Mod, and the final clip is normal acceleration after the J-Mod. Sorry for not having a tachometer, I'll have to add one later, but for now you will just have to listen closely. :) I highly recommend this modification for everybody with a Crown Vic. It is not at all harsh during normal driving, it's a lot of fun at full throttle, and my gas mileage actually went up about 1.5 mpg somehow. For those of you who do not know, the J-Mod is a shift improvement made through a few modifications to the transmission. More info can be found at www.crownvic.net

Lightning Swapped Crownvic
QuickCrownVic's Lightning Swapped Crown Vic

Crown Victoria Drag Race
The first two cars were random people who raced before me, i'm in the white Crown Vic and i'm racing a BMW of some sort. I can't tell what model, the kid took the markings off. I ran 15.460 at 90.33 MPH. My car is a stock police interceptor, no upgrades as of now. This was at Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, Pa.

Crown Vic on Hell's Revenge- Moab, Utah
Loran and I came across this guy while taking the Rhino out for a ride. Subscribe to my channel for more offroad videos of the Moab, Utah area!

crown victoria 5.4 5 speed manual vs mustang gt 01/04 drag race
My 04 crown vic with a 5.4 engine 5 speed manual transmission against a stock convertible Mustang gt crown vic 14.584@93.74 Mustang 15.154@94.95

My Crown Vic
A Walkaround My 2003 Crown Victoria. Mods: Police Aluminum Drivshaft, 3.73 Gears Trak-Lock, Open Exhaust, MSD CoilPacks, Red Silicone Hoses, K&N Intake, BBK Aluminum Pullies, Aluminum Radiator, Handling Package, J-Mod

Crown Vic magnaflow exhaust
My 2003 P71 Crown Vic revving the Exhaust and playing around. Engine mods: Original 4.6 pi v8, Professional Products aluminum Typhoon intake manifold, Steeda 1/2" intake spacer, C&L RPM upper intake plenum, BBK 70mm throttle body, Helex Power Tower throttle body spacer[for 01-04 Mustang gt] ported to remove restrictive inner swirl to match TB opening & the plenum, K&N cold air intake, Accel ignition coil packs, Summit Racing bracket racer underdrive pulleys, Superchips performance programmer 1725 w/raised & firm shift points, and 2.5" custom cat-back dual Exhaust w/h-pipe into Magnflow mufflers[pretty mellow, no drone]. 3.5" JBA polished Exhaust tips. Fitch Fuel catalist. Home-made PCV oil separator.

P71 how to make crown vic / P71 cold air intake
simple cold air intake made easy.

Crown Victoria - K&N FIPK II Cold Air Intake
A few clips showing how the K&N FIPK II looks and sounds on my 2001 Crown Victoria. You can definitely hear it when merging and accelerating but it is very quiet and tame when driving around town. I haven't seen any huge performance gains (didn't really expect any), but it sounds great and my ScanGauge tells me I have gained 1 or 2 mpg.

2001 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor Jmod 0-70
2001 CVPI After doing Jmod to the 4R70W transmission. im submiting this video of what the results and gains were from it im not 100% sure but it looks to me like i began accelerating at 0:51 and reached 70mph at 1:01 so 0-70 in 10 seconds maybe. not Super fast but works for me.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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